Lush- Charisma Review

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This little jar of perfection, should be on everyone’s wish list this year. Normally I am not a fan of cream based… well anything. I find them hard to blend, use, and general dislike. On my last trip to Lush, the sales girl talked me into trying this. It went on a little dark I have to say. I was a bit nervous, the last thing that I wanted was to walk around the mall looking like a clown. She laughed at my reaction and told me to blend it in using small circular motions with my ring finger. Once it was all blended in, it gave my face a wonderful glow. Not as harsh as most bronzers are on my fair olive skin. But just the right amount of sun kiss. It blends into your skin, so does not have any make-up like appearance. I use this on the days that I am not wearing a full face of make-up. When I just want some mascara and a little color to my cheeks.

For foundation, I use BellaPierre mineral foundation; and it seems that Charisma does not like to play nice with this. It might be trying to put the powder under a cream. Don’t know, but since most days I don’t wear foundation, this is not a big problem for me. But is noteworthy to those who use a powder foundation every day.

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Have you guys tried this yet? What are your thoughts?

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