MAC…. All I Can Say Is Wow

Wow…. Yea wow.

Was finally about to play around with the new MAC makeup that I received, I swear it was calling me from my luggage bag. It was mad at me for not using it when I first got it, then it was mad at me for leaving it in there on my crazy busy day yesterday. (I know that I cannot be the only one that makeup talks to hehe)

The eye shadows are amazing. They lasted all day, even without a primer. There was NO, let me repeat that, there was NO fallout. I can honestly say that was a first. They didn’t crease. And they blended amazingly. Yes they are pricey, but they really were great!

photo (5)

Shroom was a very light, shimmery almost white color. This was perfect for the highlighting and inner eye.

photo (6)

Woodwinked was a shimmery gold color. I used this for the outer third my eyelid. It was great to show off my hazel eyes. The gold in it brought out the gold flecks in my eyes. Plus it was not harsh, so it was perfect for a day look.

photo (7)

Omega is a great blending shade. It is matte and very neutral, it will work with a lot of looks. I used it in my crease and slightly above to blend the Woodwinked and the Shroom together.

photo (8)

The lipstick in High Tea is a great nude color. My lips are very, very pink and it makes it hard to find a nude color lipstick that does not turn barbie pink on me. This shade, while pretty and nude, did not cover up the pink of my lips to give me a nude look. However, after playing a bit, I found that if I use the Boi-ing (see my review on that here)  on my lips first, not only does it give it GREAT staying power (kinda acted like a primer), it covered the pink of my lips to give this a great nude color. Perfect!

So while this was a very expensive little kit ($15 per eye color and $20 for the lipstick), I can not be more thrilled with it. I am looking forward to playing with it some more.

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