Epic Epic Fail

We all have those days, that are just off. That things just don’t go your way, that the things that you try just don’t go according to plan. Today was one of those days.

For me, when I have one of those days. I like to craft. It is silly, but when everything is a mess, I like to create something. It makes me happy to know that something turns out how I want, on a day when something has to go right. So what do you do, on those crazy days, when you do your thing to make it seem better, and that thing is a major epic fail?

You laugh at the world, cause what else is left?

photo (10)

This was suppose to be a positivity jar for 2014. It was suppose to be a jar, that we can fill with notes about all the wonderful, silly little moments that happen in the year. The ones that are so precious in the moment, but by the end of the year, you tend to forget about. I was thinking that on New Years Eve we would open them up and read them with my family. Be able to laugh and remember how great the year was. This is proof that even the so called “Perfect Mom” is not so perfect. So back to square one.

4 thoughts on “Epic Epic Fail

  1. Glad you tried to do something you enjoy on a bad day…wish it had turned out for you because I’m sure that didn’t help the day. I think your idea of crafting on a bad day sounds fantastic and I need to try it next bad day around here. I find it hard to remove myself and do something for me…but it would probably really help.

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