BB Creams… Worth it or No?

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What is a BB Cream, and what does it actually do?

These were the questions that I was asking. To be honest, I was tired of not knowing. I was at the store and decided to give it a try. Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream was the winner. It claimed to be an 8-in-1 Beauty Balm Skin Perfecter.

  1. Blurs Imperfections
  2. Enhances
  3. Brightens
  4. Adjusts to Skin Tone
  5. Smooths
  6. Hydrates
  7. SPF 30
  8. 0% Oil

Sounded pretty good. When I apply it actually does a lot of these items. It does blur (or eliminate) imperfections. I have a tendency to have a bit of “Rudolf Nose” in the winter and it does cover that up nicely. It does brighten the skin, without any shimmer, it has a matte finish. As far as adjusting, it does a good job of matching my skin tone and blending into my skin. Smooths and hydrates without looking oily or shiny. So it does do what it claims, mostly.

I should have read the packing better, as it says it is a sheer tint. And that is a very sheer almost translucent. Also, it does say to reapply every 2 hours. This is a stretch, it does not last that long on my skin. It is very short lived product. Maybe with a primer and a setting powder, it would last longer. That seems like a lot of work though on days that I am just wanting a little something to balance out. If I was going through all of that, I would probably just use foundation.

All in all, I don’t think that this is a great product for me. What do you guys think?


To Dust or Not To Dust


Do you use a setting powder? Normally, I use a powder foundation; no need to put yet another powder on my face. But, I was going out and knew that I would be using my liquid. To me, liquid foundation often screams, “Hello I am wearing a liquid foundation!!”. I can spot it a mile away (same with just about any foundation so I am not singling out those that wear it.) Why not try a setting powder? It might cut some of the shine that I do occasionally get with it, it might cut what I call the liquid look, it might help my little lines that are starting to show up. Off to research, aka, a trip to Sephora to shift through all my options.

I settled on Nars Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder. The reasons that I went with this is because it was a matte, and the light reflecting crystals were suppose to help the look of lines and pores. Basically this was suppose to smooth the skin of any minor issue. For $34.00 it is on the cheaper side of the ones I was looking at so home it went.

Now that I have used it a few times, I have to say I still don’t have a firm answer either way. I don’t LOVE it but I don’t dislike it either. It is certainly not for use with other powders or for day time makeup. For going out, with a liquid foundation, it does give great staying power. The biggest perks is that in photos, when I use it, I look amazing. It truly is translucent, the light reflecting crystals make me look soft and awake, and I look years younger (it really does erase those little fine lines). In person though, it does have a slight cakey powdery look. Now off to a dark bar, or cozy restaurant this wont be an issue, no one would be able to tell. The light is to low to see details like that.

So will I buy again? Probably not. I see other items that I like more for $34. Has anyone else tried this and have other thoughts?

Soft, Sexy Boudoir Eyes

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This is my go to eye shadow. I have to admit, I am kinda in love with it. Boudoir Eyes; Soft and Sexy Eyes from Too Faced is a staple in my make up bag. It is a wonderful kit, with colors for day time looks (if you rock the purple during the day) and colors for very sultry smokey eyes. I like that all the colors match, so I can go more subtle, soft doing “mommy hours” and it is really easy, quick to change into a come hither date night with the hubby look. At only $36.00 it is hard to find a reason not to pick one up.

photo 3 (4)

There are nine fantastic shades:

  1. In The Buff- This is a great highlight color, at almost a white matte color
  2. Fuzzy Handcuffs- A very soft matte pink color.
  3. Voulez-Vous- A dark matte purple color.
  4. Satin Sheets-  A shimmery pinky peach. (This is very similar to Nars Orgasm with a little bit more shimmer?)
  5. Sugar Walls- A shimmer pinky purple color.
  6. Garter Belt- A soft gray matte color.
  7. Birthday Suit- A shimmery nude color.
  8. Lap Dance- A shimmery purple color.
  9. French Tickler- A black with silver shimmer color.

Like all of the Too Faced products I have tried, there is next to no fallout. The colors are all soft, creamy and oh so easy to blend. I am not normally a huge fan of pink on my eyes, but these are not over the top pinks. It really does give a very soft, feminine, romantic look.

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Mascara… Designer or Drug Store?

Do you have to shell out a lot for a great mascara? Do you have to go to a store like Sephora to get amazing lashes?

If you would have asked me last week I would have, without even a second thought, said, “Yes. You completely get what you pay for.” In other words, to get those full, long, dark lashes you would have to pay $30 bucks or so for a tube of mascara. Drug store brands, just can’t do what the big boys in makeup can.

I am a total mascara snob, I can admit that. I like “Their Real”, in fact I haven’t bought anything else in over a year. I am lucky and have very full lashes, so I don’t need anything that adds volume. So “Their Real” is perfect for me. It does add a bit of volume, but man oh man, the length that I get is amazing. No false lashes over here any more. This is my go to, my every day, don’t go anywhere without it mascara.

Then the impossible happened. I went out-of-town and forgot it!!!! The little town that I was visiting, had no Sephora, had no Dillards (to pick up my second favorite from Clinique), my ONLY option was… gasp…. Wal-Mart. Okay, deep breaths, for a few days I am going to have to use a drug store mascara. Not the end of the world. I ended up buying Maybelline’s Big Eyes. All I can say is WOW!!! I am totally floored. This was fantastic. The brush for your top lashes is a big fluff brush and it added massive volume. I didn’t think that I needed more volume but it made a huge difference. Plus the length that I got was comparable to my more expensive brand. Then it had a separate brush for the lower lashes, this is a tiny brush designed for separating each lash. Once again I got more volume and great length.

To be honest, I am highly re-thinking EVER spending another $30 on a tube of mascara. Even if I have to buy a new tube every month, it will be cheaper than how often I am currently buying from the big boys. So tell me, what do you use? Would you be willing to change and try a drug store brand?

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Orgasm…. NARS Style

Nars Orgasm

With a name like Orgasm, how can you not love this blush? I try to stay away from hyped items. My history shows that they don’t always live up to the hype; and it drives me nuts when I shell out big bucks (hello Naked 2 I am talking to you) to have an item not live up to it. Needless to say, I have been shying away from the “investment” of NARS Orgasm. Looking at $29.99 plus tax, it is quite expensive for blush. I am not a blush person, maybe a little bronzer, but I really don’t like pink cheeks. It might be that I have so much olive, yet naturally bright pink lips, that I find it hard to find a shade of blush that doesn’t make me look clownish.

When I started looking into blush, I was shocked that this was getting so many rave reviews. I mean professionals were falling all over themselves to get this stuff. That it was the only blush a person needed, for every skin tone, for every coloring, for every person. It was the perfect blend of pink and peach, with a gold shimmer. Come on, how can one blush be perfect for EVERYONE. That sounds a little to good to be true. And we all know, things that sound to good to be true, typically are.

Very hesitantly, when no one was looking, after telling four sales people to leave me alone. I snuck the sampler/demo, over to a mirror and put just a little tiny bit on my cheeks. It instantly perked my face up, gave me a natural flush. While still being sheer, and not heavy looking. The shimmer in it was enough to make me look more awake, but not over the top. I have to admit, I was shocked. And into my cart it went.

So now to see if it lived up to matching and working with everyone. When girlfriends come over, or when I saw my female family I made them all try it. They were not happy with me, but I had to know if it really worked so well with every skin tone. There is not been anyone that it has not worked with. Gotta admit, I am pretty impressed with this little blush.

Nothing is perfect, so the downside; with the shimmer in it, while understated and not over the top by any means. It is enough that if you are wearing lots of shimmery glittery eyeshadow or high shine lipgloss, it is on the border of shimmer overload. So while perfect with mattes, it has to be the only shimmer on your face. (Maybe I am just a prude when it comes to shimmer, but I don’t like a lot of shimmer on my face or else where) Overall, I have to admit that I really like this blush. It will continue to be a staple in my daily routine.

MAC…. All I Can Say Is Wow

Wow…. Yea wow.

Was finally about to play around with the new MAC makeup that I received, I swear it was calling me from my luggage bag. It was mad at me for not using it when I first got it, then it was mad at me for leaving it in there on my crazy busy day yesterday. (I know that I cannot be the only one that makeup talks to hehe)

The eye shadows are amazing. They lasted all day, even without a primer. There was NO, let me repeat that, there was NO fallout. I can honestly say that was a first. They didn’t crease. And they blended amazingly. Yes they are pricey, but they really were great!

photo (5)

Shroom was a very light, shimmery almost white color. This was perfect for the highlighting and inner eye.

photo (6)

Woodwinked was a shimmery gold color. I used this for the outer third my eyelid. It was great to show off my hazel eyes. The gold in it brought out the gold flecks in my eyes. Plus it was not harsh, so it was perfect for a day look.

photo (7)

Omega is a great blending shade. It is matte and very neutral, it will work with a lot of looks. I used it in my crease and slightly above to blend the Woodwinked and the Shroom together.

photo (8)

The lipstick in High Tea is a great nude color. My lips are very, very pink and it makes it hard to find a nude color lipstick that does not turn barbie pink on me. This shade, while pretty and nude, did not cover up the pink of my lips to give me a nude look. However, after playing a bit, I found that if I use the Boi-ing (see my review on that here)  on my lips first, not only does it give it GREAT staying power (kinda acted like a primer), it covered the pink of my lips to give this a great nude color. Perfect!

So while this was a very expensive little kit ($15 per eye color and $20 for the lipstick), I can not be more thrilled with it. I am looking forward to playing with it some more.

MAC….. So Excited!!!

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With as much as I love makeup, I have never bit the bullet and bought MAC. It always seemed to expensive for the size that you were getting. It is one of those brands that I hear about, that people rave about, that is suppose to be the best of the best. But, I am never going to purchase for myself.

We finally made it up to my grandma house for Christmas. And……. she bought me MAC!!!!! I can’t tell you how excited I am. It is like I am passing through a rite of passage. I received eye shadow in Shroom (Satin), Omega (Matte) and Woodwinked (Veluxe Pearl). As well as, Lustre Lipstick in High Tea. I can not wait to try it all out!!

I can not wait to use it! What are your favorite MAC products?

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BellaPierre Mineral Foundation

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I love makeup. I love wearing makeup. I love just about all things makeup.

However, I do not love or even like foundation. I don’t like the way it looks, it is either to full coverage and covers my freckles (I know I am a weird one that actually likes my freckles and like that they show), or they don’t offer any coverage. When I do wear it, not only does it have to cover but not cover, I don’t want to feel it on my face. So go find something like that. Ready and… GO!

The answer, BellaPierre Mineral Foundation. This gives a great coverage, without completely covering your natural look. Once applied, it is completely lightweight, meaning you won’t feel it on your face. It gives a smooth finish that won’t let any shine through, plus it lasts all day.

The down-fall, it does have a heavy price tag that goes along with it. At about $60 plus tax, it is on the high end for foundation. You really only need a tiny bit, so it lasts and lasts. On the other side, with it being a loose powder base, it is easy to spill. So beware and be careful when it is open.

How much are you willing to shell out for a good foundation? Do you use a powder foundation or only cream based?

Naked 2- Why the Hype??

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Ever hear how great something is, how wonderful it is, how life changing it is? After hearing this over and over and over, you go against your original thought and buy it; then are disappointed.

This is what happened with me and the Urban Decay Naked 2 pallet. I opted for the Naked 2, over the Naked 3 because I am not a huge fan of pink, rose or reddish colors on my eyes. In my opinion it makes me look tired, and older. Who wants that? Not me. The Naked 2 was described as taupes, so I thought that would be the one for me. There are tons of reviews on this on already, so I know that I am missing the boat a bit. But how am I the only one,that was disappointed with this?

photo 1 (8)

The shades are all mostly shimmery or glittery. Which is fine. I would have preferred to see more mattes, but I knew going in that was not the case. There is a very wide range of colors. Everything from golds, to silvers, to purples and even some pink colors. All the colors work well together, are all very well pigmented, and blend easily. You can make an endless amount of looks from this pallet; from a very simple subtle day look to a very dark smokey eye.

For me, there was a lot of fall out. My poor cheeks looked like they were covered in shimmer powder. I had to use a make up wipe to get it off, then reapply moisturizer, foundations and blush. Not fun, and very time consuming. On a similar note, once the eyeshadows were applied it looked great. However, it did not last very long without a primer. It ran, bled and moved all over my eyelid. I was horrified when I looked in the mirror just a few hours later; I was a clown. Not the sexy mama I was hoping to be. Even with a primer it didn’t last all day. Maybe I am very spoiled with my make up brushes, but the one that came with the pallet was very poor quality. After using it twice, I am losing brushes left and right.

I should have stuck to my guns and not spent the money on something that I was not totally sold on. I was really wanting to love this pallet, I was really wanting to love Urban Decay. But after this, I will probably not be buying any more of their pallets.

So tell me, what did you think of this pallet? What do you think of other Urban Decay products? Help me out here, where did I go wrong?

Boi-ing…. Best Concealer or Not

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Got dark under eye circles? No problem. Got a little spot? We can cover that. Needing something to last all day long? Piece of cake.

Boi-ing by Benefit Cosmetics is really a great full coverage concealer. It can cover just about everything ranging from dark under eye circles, to pimples, to small discolorations. It doesn’t fade and does last all day, with very very minimal creasing. Boi-ing accomplishes what it says it says it does, which is very hard to find in a concealer.

A few drawbacks though: it is extremely thick, no cream or moisturizing qualities at all. In fact it tends to dry out where you apply it. While the color line can be acceptable to most skin tones, they are very yellow based. Good for a concealer, not for those of us who don’t have a lot of yellow in our skin though. I have noticed that after a bit of wear (about mid-day), it gives me a slight gray appearance under my eyes. With three kids, I don’t get a lot of sleep and it does cover the dark circles that I have. Morning it is perfect, but I am not a fan of this slightly gray look. It can be corrected by putting it under my foundation (I use Bellapierre’s mineral powder foundation), but still a pain on the days that I don’t want to wear foundation.

Overall it sets out to do what it claims, but will I re-buy? Probably not.