Mascara… Designer or Drug Store?

Do you have to shell out a lot for a great mascara? Do you have to go to a store like Sephora to get amazing lashes?

If you would have asked me last week I would have, without even a second thought, said, “Yes. You completely get what you pay for.” In other words, to get those full, long, dark lashes you would have to pay $30 bucks or so for a tube of mascara. Drug store brands, just can’t do what the big boys in makeup can.

I am a total mascara snob, I can admit that. I like “Their Real”, in fact I haven’t bought anything else in over a year. I am lucky and have very full lashes, so I don’t need anything that adds volume. So “Their Real” is perfect for me. It does add a bit of volume, but man oh man, the length that I get is amazing. No false lashes over here any more. This is my go to, my every day, don’t go anywhere without it mascara.

Then the impossible happened. I went out-of-town and forgot it!!!! The little town that I was visiting, had no Sephora, had no Dillards (to pick up my second favorite from Clinique), my ONLY option was… gasp…. Wal-Mart. Okay, deep breaths, for a few days I am going to have to use a drug store mascara. Not the end of the world. I ended up buying Maybelline’s Big Eyes. All I can say is WOW!!! I am totally floored. This was fantastic. The brush for your top lashes is a big fluff brush and it added massive volume. I didn’t think that I needed more volume but it made a huge difference. Plus the length that I got was comparable to my more expensive brand. Then it had a separate brush for the lower lashes, this is a tiny brush designed for separating each lash. Once again I got more volume and great length.

To be honest, I am highly re-thinking EVER spending another $30 on a tube of mascara. Even if I have to buy a new tube every month, it will be cheaper than how often I am currently buying from the big boys. So tell me, what do you use? Would you be willing to change and try a drug store brand?

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