What is Perfection??

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What is perfection and how do you obtain it? What does perfection mean to you? When you close your eyes and think about the perfect life, what do you see? How can you be the perfect mom?

Well I think that a perfect mom, you are expected to be creative, crafty, able to solve all problems, run the girl scout troop, be up at all hours of the night with the kids yet still wake up before the kids to have that great breakfast on the table to start their day all bright eyed and bushy tailed. That you can turn chicken, ketchup, and milk into a fabulous 3 course healthy meal. Not only running all the kids actives but make all the healthy snacks; from scratch. That you are always the picture perfect ideal of strength and compassion, with a happy face making sure that everything will always turn out ok. All while looking beautiful and put together at any given moment.

To the outside world my family (and I) seem to obtain all of the above. Our friends (more like acquaintances, since our loved ones know the truth) joke about how perfect we are. “Look at the perfect mom, making the rest of us look bad again.” Seems to a favorite. And while this makes me smile to the person saying this, I am inwardly cringing. If only they knew the truth.

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So if, I have all those things, if my life looks perfect, then why do I always feel like such a failure all the time. (Perfect example, I hit publish instead of save half way through this post and had to delete it, and remake it lol. Ooops. Sorry to everyone that got an email with this post only to have it NOT actually exist)

I have really been trying to be “perfect mom” and “perfect wife”, but am failing miserably. It seems like I can get my stuff together on one side but then the other side is slacking, then I get the other side back up to a reasonable level but the side that I was doing so well on starts to fall. I picture myself with my hands stretched out, plates on each and all the “job responsibilities” on each. Like I think, most moms feel at some point.

So where did these bars come from? Do they come from TV, from magazines, from ourselves? Or are we just comparing ourselves to the public face we see of others? That our view is so skewed that we can’t possibly live up to our own standards? The answer is I don’t know.

All I know is how I feel and one day I am determined not to feel like a failure. One day I will have it all together.

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Zero to Hero…. Day 1

Okay, so I am going to do this Zero to Hero challenge, AND try to keep up on my other stuff. Lets see how far, and how long I will be able to keep this up. With everything else going on, it seems like I might have bit off a bit more then I can chew and it is only day one. Not exactly the best footing to start this off, but every journey starts with one step (or post in this case). Here is my first step:

The challenge today is to write and publish a post on, “who I am and why I am here”. On the surface this is an easy one, but very challenging for me because, for me, this blog is helping me figure out who I am (aside from mom and wife).

I am a stay at home mom to three beautiful little girls, whom I choose to homeschool. I am a wife to an amazing husband, whom I would follow to the moon and back. I try my best to be the “perfect mom”. AKA my blog title. It has taken me a decade or so to realize that there is no such thing the perfect mom. That the perfect mom is a myth, a legend, a fairy tale character. I have come to realize that the perfect mom just cheats better. So part of this blog is set up for easy crafting type projects, that are super fast but will make you feel more like (or appear to be, if that is important to you) the perfect mom.

Aside from mom and wife, I am a make up artist. This part of me gets put behind my other duties. I am setting up part of this blog to be dedicated to makeup, dedicated to the girly side of me that I love so much. Whether that is reviews of products that I use, or tutorials (at some point I promise to get these up) on various looks that I like to create. This part of my blog, not only will hopefully be entertaining and informative to readers, but will help me carve out a little space for me to be me apart from mom and wife.

So I guess that sums up who I am, and why I am here.

Parenting Disclosure… Please sign and return

welcome to parenthood

So this morning I had a great make up all written up. Quite proud of it actually, then I ran across this amazingly hilarious blog. That is so true, and made me laugh out loud this morning, possibly even choke on my tea. Note to self, you can not drink and laugh at the same time. So instead of posting my riveting review, I am reposting this blog so all of you may laugh as well. Thanks to Momma Be Thy Name.

We’ve heard you’ve been considering creating a family, experiencing the pure joy of love wrapped in a velvety receiving blanket, embarking upon the magical journey of parenthood! Fantastic!

We realize there have been some misunderstandings regarding the perceptions and actual practice of parenthood. To clear up any confusion, we’ve asked that you please read this form, then sign and initial where indicated…. (Click here for the rest of this blog.)